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SPI Fundraising Campaign

SPI is doing a capital fundraising campaign to raise money to become a B2 partner store. This project will help continue to grow the impact SPI has in bringing the Gospel to Sportspersons. It will help by giving us a physical presence where people can continue to learn about us and Jesus.
Benefits of Becoming a B2 Partner Store
Monthly Income: each month SPI receives a check from B2. We are guaranteed to have a minimum of 20% return at the end of the 5 year contract. We raise the money one time and get payouts for 5 years.
Office Space: SPI will have an office next to the store.
Ministry Space: included in the agreement is the ability to use a conference/meeting room where we can host events.
Promotional Space: We would have a permanent display set up in the store highlighting who SPI is and what we do.
Outdoors Items for Sale: a section of the store will be dedicated to selling new hunting, fishing and outdoor merchandise. So outdoors people will begin to come to the store where they can learn about us.
Used Outdoor Items: people will be able to donate gently used hunting, fishing and outdoor items that we will be able to sell for someone else to use and raise more money for the ministry.
Goal is $75,000
Once we raise the $75,000 we are guaranteed to receive a monthly check of at least $1,500/month for the next 5 years. Your one time gift will help the ministry continue to thrive for the next 5 years.
SPI- Sportspersons Ministries International
We exist to bring the good news about Jesus to Sportspersons. We host events, work with churches and other outdoor organizations to meet people where they are at and introduce them to the One who created the outdoors they love.
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B2 Stores
B2 is a faith-based business with a missional purpose. Their ultimate goal is to restore hope, inspire vision and empower change. They accomplish this through their outlet stores. The stores sell new quality merchandise at reduced rates. Then they donate a majority of the store profits back into the local community.
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Pledge your support
Thanks for prayerfully considering partnering with us to take the Gospel to Sportspersons.
Show your support
We need your partnership
Give Financially- We need your partnership!!
We need to raise $75,000 to be able to open the store. The quicker we reach the goal the sooner we get the full benefits. We have some appreciation gifts we will be giving at different levels. We are hoping to receive the money by September 1, 2019. SPI is a 501-C3 nonprofit so all gifts are tax-deductible. You can donate any amount (not just the levels below). For every level and $1,000 you will get the opportunity to receive a thank you gift. We will be giving away a Walleye Charter for 3 with Real Action Charters and other thank you gifts.

Bronze Donor ($1,000 gift)
At this level you are committing to a one time gift of $1,000.
Silver Donor ($2,500 gift)
As a Silver partner you are giving SPI $2,500.
Gold Donor ($5,000 gift)
Our Gold partners are pledging to give $5,000.
Platinum Donor ($10,000 or more gift)
As a platinum donor you are giving a gift of $10,000 or more. You will be highlighted as a support partner (unless want to remain anonymous) on the signage for the store display.
This a great opportunity to help the ministry continue to grow and expand to reach more Sportspersons with Gospel.


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